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  • Masung printer MS-LMP201 provides a solution for tax bills

    Receipts are used for both small and large items. The MS-LMP212 is a small portable printer that can be used for tax bills and other small items.

  • Masung printer MS-FPT301 provides a solution for self-service queuing ticket machines

    Nowadays, most young people prefer to book tickets online for travel, hotels, movies, sports and other forms of consumption. If there is no online system available at certain attractions and they are forced to queue up then, it is likely that they will opt-out - a detriment to these places. To avoid

  • Masung printer MS-EP5860-BC provides a solution for test tube automatic labeling machine

    In recent years, the biomedical industry has grown quickly. This has led to an increased need for better identification management in scientific research and medical laboratories. There are many samples to be stored, identified, and disposed of correctly in order to ensure data accuracy and reliabil

  • Masung printer MS-FPT301 provides a solution for self-service cash register equipment in supermarkets

    Self-service cash registers have been around for a while, but their use has skyrocketed in the past two years, especially amid the pandemic when people are keen to avoid contact. With self-service machines, shoppers only need to point the product's barcode at the window, scan it and make payment. Th

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