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What is a Kiosk Thermal Printer?

Masung was founded in 2006. It is a scientific and innovative high-tech enterprise based on diversified, intelligent and customized one-stop solutions based on kiosk thermal printer and centered on scanning and printing themes.

Masung insists that technology is the primary productive force, independent innovation is the foundation of enterprise survival, and adheres to the enterprise spirit of "professionalism, innovation, integrity, and service". In the application field of kiosk thermal printer, it has intelligent manufacturing integrating R&D, production and sales. Enterprise; 100% of independent product intellectual property rights, self-manufacturing up to 60%, hundreds of existing intellectual property patents and an increase of more than a dozen each year, with a medium-sized office area of ​​4000 square meters, a production area of ​​10,000 square meters, and hardware molds It is a complete product manufacturing system that integrates stamping, automatic placement, assembly, testing and other system processes.

It is in a leading position in the domestic and foreign kiosk thermal printer industry applications. The industry covers medical, finance, insurance, telecommunications, transportation, government affairs, public security, public terminals, new retail, communications, theaters, catering, unmanned sales, parking lots, lotteries, etc. field.

Types of Kiosk Thermal Printer

Reasons for Choosing Our Products

MASUNG Self-developed thermal printer
Brand name printer mechanism
Reliable auto full/partial cutting
(by adjustable)
Ultra high speed
Anti-blocking and anti-dragging patented technology
Multiple sensors to assist control
Support WindowsXP/Win7/Win8 /Android/Linux O
The control board has a small structure and a variety of structures are designed to improve the installation reliability of the product
Automatic paper feeding, automatic paper cutting, paper output detection, black mark detection and other functions

Places Where You Can Use the Kiosk Thermal Printer

Receipt printers are mainly divided into three categories: POS receipt printers, desktop receipt printers, and embedded receipt printers. Receipt printers realize printing functions through needle printing, thermal printing and thermal transfer technology, which are different from laser printers and inkjet printers in office situations. Use, receipt printers are widely used in all walks of life, no matter where you go to supermarkets, there are integrated scanning and printing equipment, so as to realize the self-printing receipt settlement function, to reduce labor costs.

Receipt printers are used in a wide range of applications, far beyond the use of shopping malls and supermarkets in the new retail industry, and have common uses in the medical industry, financial industry, government affairs industry, and transportation industry:
 Print all kinds of roll invoices, and support multi-page printing, such as administrative charge receipts, other reimbursement receipts, etc.;
Print mobile on-site law enforcement receipts, such as parking violation tickets, door-to-door collections, etc.;
The financial bank prints the business process sheet, records the credit card deposit and withdrawal transaction vouchers, the settlement list and the printing of the queuing slip number, etc.;
The express logistics industry prints the user's address of the sender and sender, electronic express face slips and other transaction information;
In the medical industry, print inspection forms, payment forms, and registration forms to call number forms;
The retail new retail service industry prints out consumption lists, such as supermarket receipts, convenience store receipts, hotel check-in, catering, theater tickets, and other consumption lists;
Printing of queuing lists for public service facilities of government affairs departments;
All kinds of transportation tickets such as train tickets, bus tickets, high-speed rail tickets, subway system flow sheet printing, etc.;

Masung is specialized in providing receipt printer equipment equipped with thermal printing, stylus printing, label printing, POS machine, Bluetooth function, invoice printing, combined with QR code barcode scanning equipment, to provide customers with a complete scanning and receipt printing solution . The product has high efficiency and high accuracy, covering industrial, desktop, mobile, RFID scanning printers, suitable for various industry applications.

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3. Scan the code successfully to broadcast the voice, liberate the cashier and avoid missing the order
4. Rich interfaces with built-in RS232 and USB interfaces


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