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Shenzhen MASUNG Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is based on the whole machine, pos, ai, self-service equipment, two-dimensional code scanning equipment, keep up with the trend of The Times, walk in the forefront of The Times, committed to creating intelligent self-service products. Its products are widely used in medical, transportation, logistics, government affairs, public inspection law, outdoor signs, national electricity, finance, cloud scan code cloud payment, convenience terminals, communications, theaters, restaurants, parking lots, lottery, self-service scanning and printing fields.

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  Empowering Industries with Innovative Embedded Printing Solutions

Printing Solutions for medical industry
Medical industry
With the rapid development of medical technology, the supporting services and equipment are bound to be replaced.Good equipment can not only make the medical industry more efficient, but also provide......
Printing Solutions for retail industry
Retail industry
New technologies such as mobile payment have expanded the popularity of intelligent terminals in offline scenes, and brought technological innovations such as mobile payment,......
Printing Solutions for transportation industry
Transportation industry
With the continuous development of modern transportation mode, it has brought more travel options to people.In the face of the increasing number of passengers,the rapid construction of smart station ......

  Our Strengths: Leading Embedded Printing Solutions Worldwide

Custom development

With rich R&D experience and strength, we will provide YOU with ODM & OEM services.

Intelligent manufacturing

The whole industry industrial chain, successful research and development for the special industry products, innovation driving force keeps flowing.

Service integration

Set R&D, production, quality control, sales, pre-sales and after-sales technical support as one of the services.

Product diversification

Apply to the diversified products in different fields to provide you with more comprehensive solutions.

Short product delivery time

Sufficient raw material reserve and product inventory will supply you faster.

Quality management certification

The company has obtained ISO, CE, FCC certification.

  Information:Masung's Innovative Embedded Printing Solutions

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Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays
02 February 2024

Dear Customers,Partners: Thanks for all your trust and support to our company in the past year , which we appreciated as the most precious wealth and gift we ever received. On the coming new year, we would like to send our most sincere gratitude and warmest greetings to y

3 inch Micro Thermal Printer With USB.jpg
MASUNG MS-FPT301: The Optimal 80mm Printer for Cinema Ticket Kiosks
24 January 2024

As cinemas increasingly adopt self-service ticket kiosks to enhance customer convenience, the importance of integrating a dependable and efficient printer cannot be overstated. The MASUNG 80mm panel printer, model MS-FPT301, emerges as an exemplary choice for these kiosks, offering a blend of high p

The development of MASUNG Group has won high recognition from overseas customers
25 December 2023

All the following content comes from foreign friends’ evaluations of MASUNG Group, orally: In the past two days, I have seen here about the situation of MASUNG Group’s Intelligent Industrial Park. The progress of the entire Masung Group is impressive. From a simple printer manufacturer we have

CCTV interview of MASUNG Group.jpg
MASUNG Group's Chairman Chen Bin Discusses Innovation in Thermal Receipt Printer Technology on CCTV's 'Dialogue with Brands' Series
22 December 2023

In an era where technology continually reshapes industries, MASUNG Group stands at the forefront of innovation, particularly in the thermal receipt printer sector. The rapid development of the economy and advancements in technology have catalyzed significant growth in the printer industry, leading t



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