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  • The application of MS-FPT302 in self-service payment terminal of gas station

    A wide range of self-service terminal printers are offered by Masung Specialty, including remote industry, commerce, medical care, and mobile applications, including self-service printers, retail printers, label printers, bar code printers, point of sale printers, and mini-printers, including therma

  • Medical self-service printing module solution

    Back in the day, printers used in bus taxis were typically needle printers. These models had slow printing speeds, a great deal of noise, and pricey supplies. But nowadays a lot of them have been switched out for thermal printers, which offer faster speeds, no sound, cheaper supplies and are more co

  • "Product Innovation Closer to Customer Needs" MS-EP8300 Best Selling

    The recent wave of front-line salesmen going to the factory and helping assemble printers is due to the high-speed thermal printer MS-EP8300 series, which was originally tailored to the needs of users. The MS-EP8300 passed strict inspection to be available on the market; its structure is consistent

  • Innovative thermal transfer case | Automatic printing of medical record bag

    Medical record management has developed quite a bit since its inception. Aside from the ever-changing equipment that's found in high-quality medical units, managers' focus has shifted more to information management. Medical records, however, are still mostly managed using traditional handwriting met

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