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Masung Group Subsidiary Maxsund National Branch Chenzhou Conference

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At the beginning of July 2022, 4 days after the "Shenzhen Maxsund National Branch, a subsidiary of Masung Group", was held in Xiaodongjiang, Chenzhou, Hunan from July 30 to August 2, 2022.



In the meeting, Mr. Qin Ling, General Manager of Shenzhen Maxsund, informed us of the current market background and status quo. He conducted in-depth discussions on Maxsund’s core module components, smart file construction, and company positioning. We strive to make a series of Maxsund printers, scanning coders and file printers all over the world for everyone!


The meeting was very successful. During the meeting, everyone had the opportunity to share their opinions freely. The general manager of Masonda Xi'an Branch gave a detailed introduction to the northwest market and Masonda's MS-T series products; The person in charge of the Shanghai Branch gave a brief introduction to the current situation and prospects of the State Grid power grid market. Detailed sharing; The person in charge of the Beijing branch gave a detailed sharing on the business process and customer communication skills; Four-day meeting, combining work and rest, daily small-scale trips to Chenzhou, cultivated sentiment, let nature Cleanse our hearts and make sharing output more high frequency. Community cohesion is becoming more active, mutual friendship is deepened. For the management of the branch company, Shenzhen Maxsund, as the headquarters, has been providing "window-style" management guidance, teaching the headquarters business model and the entire process system.  The headquarters provides "window-style" management guidance to Shenzhen Maxsund, with a focus on teaching the headquarters business model and the entire process system.

Ms. Lin Lin, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Maxsund, conducted a combing and analysis of various industries and asked each branch to share and assign tasks in the fields of justice, urban construction, archives, universities, procuratorates, courts, and other fields currently used by the products. , Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing, and other branches have received tasks respectively.


The meeting also invited Director Ye of the Finance Department of Shenzhen Maxsund to propose and require all branches to promote compliance with financial work management. Only when the company operates legally and manages financial compliance, can the company develop for a longer time. Mr. Chen Bin, chairman of Masung Group, also said that the financial compliance management of the headquarters and branches is also to control operating costs more reasonably and effectively and increase profits.


Director Chen thanked the heads of all the branches for their contributions and asked them to unite their thoughts at the end of the meeting. To make Maxsund employees the happiest, he also proposed a stock allocation plan. It is a process of rushing for gold in the sand brought about by repeated epidemics this year, and we must work together to make sure everyone benefits. Every leader has an important role to play in adjusting the mentality of their branches, letting go of anxiety, and facing it calmly, regardless of the headquarters or branches; in terms of strategy, the head office will switch from marketing costs and personnel allocation to project management, and we have taken strong measures to continually improve the management and operation capabilities of our organization.


In every aspect of operation management to business development to financial compliance, Shenzhen Maxsund is "teaching a man to fish" at the same time that it is "teaching a man to fish". A company's qualification, its team, its performance, and its awards are "fish", while its management experience, its business model, and its operation strategy are "fishing". Mr. Chen, Mr. Qin, and Mr. Ji of Shenzhen Maxsund Headquarters will continue upgrading and providing branches and partners with better quality fish and then grant more fish. Under Chenzhou's colorful and cultural precipitation, everyone successfully concluded this meeting in just a few days.


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