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Innovative Embedded Printing Solutions by Shenzhen MASUNG

Transportation industry

 With the continuous development of modern transportation mode, it has brought more travel options to people.In the face of the increasing number of passengers, the rapid construction of smart station self-service equipment is also essential.

 MASUNG is committed to providing efficient and fast printing machine, quick recognition scanning machine, with Bluetooth, WIFI, infrared.4G communication module and other connection methods are widely used in self-service ticket machines, face recognition ticket checking, self-service vending machines and electronic lockers.More applications, looking forward to the future with your exploration and discovery.

Retail industry

 New technologies such as mobile payment have expanded the popularity of intelligent terminals in offline scenes, and brought technological innovations such as mobile payment, big data and virtual reality, which further expanded offline scenes, consumer social networking and electronic payment.
 MASUNG provides customizable printers and scanning accessories for unmanned vending machines, intelligent electronic scales, electronic storage cabinets, smart cashier, QR scan payment, desktop cloud POS printers, etc., and supports appearance customization, special paper customization, and special machine customization services.More exploration areas, looking forward to your arrival.

Medical industry

 With the rapid development of medical technology, the supporting services and equipment are bound to be replaced.Good equipment can not only make the medical industry more efficient, but also provide more convenient services for patients.

 MASUNG is committed to providing professional printing equipment and professional printing solutions for the medical industry.It is widely used in autonomous registration machine, autonomous payment machine and other fields, and more application fields are welcome to explore together with you.


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