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Highlights from the 2023 Changsha Global Smart City Conference and Smart Life Real-time Brain Challenge

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  1. "2023 Changsha Global Smart City Conference Concludes Successfully" On November 2, the "2023 Global Smart City Congress - Changsha" concluded successfully, guided by the Changsha Municipal People's Government and co-sponsored by the Global Smart City Congress and Changsha Data Resource Management Bureau. The conference focused on building a universal city with a people-centered approach and combined online and offline discussions on smart technology and innovative solutions for future urban development.

  2. "Hunan Meiyin Takes on the 'Intelligent Life Real-time Brain Challenge'" Hunan Meiyin was honored to participate in the "Smart Life Real-time Brain Challenge" organized by the Shenzhen Retail Association. The challenge brought together industry leaders, including Huawei and China Mobile, to showcase digital infrastructure and intelligent scenarios for future cities, emphasizing the role of modern technology in urban development.

    2.Hunan Meiyin participated in the Intelligent Life Real-time Brain Challenge

  3. "Pre-Competition Insights and Objectives" Before the competition, Dr. Yan Qiming of the Retail Association provided a detailed overview of the competition rules and objectives. Teams were tasked with helping SMEs access business opportunities using artificial intelligence to address real-life pain points. The morning session involved empathetic analysis of SMEs' needs and potential business opportunities.

    3.Before the Competition

  4. "Official Start of the Competition" After Dr. Yan Qiming's introduction, participating teams began brainstorming solutions. Hunan Meiyin focused on addressing finance and sales challenges faced by manufacturing enterprises, particularly related to electronic invoicing. The team identified common inconveniences and pain points, such as slow invoicing processes at hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, and hospitals.

    4.the competition officially started

  5. "Competition Progress and Solutions" During the afternoon "closed-door meeting," teams discussed and developed solutions to the identified pain points. Each team presented their solutions through a canvas, including business value, costs, and feasibility. The presentations were followed by live Q&A sessions with mentors and judges, where teams elaborated on their proposed solutions.

    5.Competition in progress

  6. "Hunan Meiyin Awarded 'Best Problem Solving Team'" Hunan Meiyin's team was honored with the "Best Problem Solving Team Award" for successfully presenting their program, guided by an international master teacher. The competition highlighted the importance of AI for SMEs and the potential to create value for enterprises through innovative solutions.

    6.Hunan Meiyin won the Best Problem Solving Team Award

  7. "Conclusion and Gratitude" In conclusion, the event's organizers and mentor teams were thanked for their support. Hunan Meiyin expressed gratitude to the Shenzhen Retail Association for the invitation and acknowledged the contributions of all participating colleagues. The hope was expressed for the event's continued success.


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