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what is a self-service printer?

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In the modern workplace, the average end user may not sit at the same desk every day. With "hotelling", flex workers, hot-desking and other alternative workplace arrangements, users need a simple way to locate and print to a nearby device — without constantly calling help desk staff. A solution that makes printer mapping easy. Self service printing so to speak. As printing of Self-Printing is conducted regardless of whether or not the printer is connected to the host device, the stand-alone operational status of the printer can be confirmed. These self-service printers deliver fast, simple and secure print, scan, copy and fax service. Secure payment is taken right at the machine and works with credit and debit cards plus other popular methods. Self-Service Print & CopyEasy to use Self-Service ‘Pay As You Go’ print copy scan service for public locations. Print directly from PC, Laptop or any mobile device or USB key. Choose the kiosk that best suits your needs, contactless card payment or cash and card payment. Shaving time off an important task without compromising quality can free up precious hours in your busy schedule. Self-service printing services do just that by letting you order printed materials online, from the comfort of your own home or office. Once the printing has been completed, you can then pick up the finished product at a time that best fits your schedule. If you're really time-strapped, you can even arrange for delivery.


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