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how barcode scanner scan barcode

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As consumers, we see barcodes and barcode scanners used all the time: purchasing from any retail store, renting a car, attending major events, flying, and even going to the doctor. They’re in our social media apps and on store windows. Barcodes are more than lines and spaces on individual products: Barcode scanning systems help businesses track an amazing amount of information which, in turn, increases productivity and efficiency. You will improve your business’ processes by understanding how barcodes work and by knowing how to use them effectively in partnership with a quality barcode scanner. A barcode is used to encode information in a visual pattern readable by a machine. Barcodes are used for a variety of reasons including tracking products, prices, and stock levels for centralized recording in a computer software system. A barcode is a square or rectangular figure that can be read by a scanner and consists of a series of parallel black lines and white gaps of varied lengths. These symbols form a unique digital code when scanned by a barcode scanner's laser beam. To classify and distinguish items, barcodes are attached to and connected with them. 1. Target the barcode logo. 2. Make sure you have it clearly visible in the camera. 3. Done – now you see the information.


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