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What types of barcode scanners are there?

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A barcode scanner, also known as a barcode reader, barcode scanner gun, barcode scanner, barcode scanner gun, and barcode reader. It is a reading device used to read the information contained in a barcode. It uses optical principle to decode the content of barcode and transmit it to the computer or other devices through data line or wireless. It is widely used in supermarkets, logistics and express delivery, libraries, and other places to scan barcodes of goods and documents. Established in 2006, Shenzhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that produces barcode scanners with the theme of technological innovation. It always insists that science and technology is the first productive force, and takes independent innovation as the basis of survival of the enterprise.



How does the barcode scanner work?

What types of barcode scanners are there?


How does the barcode scanner work?

Common bar code scanners are generally composed of the light source, optical lens, scanning module, analog-to-digital conversion circuit, and plastic shell. It uses photoelectric elements to convert the detected optical signal into an electrical signal, and then converts the electrical signal into a digital signal through an analog-to-digital converter and transmits it to the computer for processing. When scanning an image, after the light source irradiates the image, the reflected light converges on the scanning module through the lens, and the scanning module converts the optical signal into an analog-to-digital signal (i.e. voltage, which is related to the intensity of the received light), and points out the gray and dark range of the image. At this time, the analog-to-digital conversion circuit converts the analog voltage into a digital signal and transmits it to the computer. The color is quantized by 8, 10, and 12 bits of RGB three colors, that is, the signal is processed into the image output of the above bits. If there are higher quantization bits, it means that the image can have richer levels and depths, but the color range has exceeded the recognition ability of human eyes. Therefore, in the distinguishable range, for us, the effect of a higher digit bar code scanner is that the color connection is smooth and we can see more picture details.


What types of barcode scanners are there?

A bar code scanner, also known as a bar code scanning gun and reader, is a device used to read the information contained in the bar code. It can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code scanners. Here we mainly discuss a two-dimensional bar code scanner, also known as a two-dimensional code scanner.

Two-dimensional code scanners can be divided into embedded, fixed, and handheld according to their different ways of use. Embedded QR code scanners are usually set at the gate of mass transportation modes such as subway and high-speed railway and are often embedded in the wall as enterprise attendance punch-in or identity recognizer. The fixed QR code scanner is a desktop, which is usually placed on the desk or fixed in the terminal equipment. It can recognize the two-dimensional code printed on paper and the two-dimensional code on the mobile phone screen, so it is widely used in the fields of electronic ticketing, electronic coupons, membership system, mobile phone two-dimensional code boarding, and so on. A handheld QR code scanner, also known as a QR code scanning gun, is the most ideal bar code reading device for QR code e-commerce applications. It can be widely used in the application fields of electronic vouchers such as electronic membership cards, electronic coupons, electronic tickets, electronic receipts, and so on.


The prospect of a barcode scanner will be unlimited, because it fully meets the psychology of people who need to do the most convenient things in the shortest time in the fast-paced modern society, and it will be the big trend. If you require barcode scanners, you can consider choosing our high-tech products.



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