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What is the operation principle of the thermal printer?

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The 21st century is the era of rapid development of electronic information, and with the rapid development of the Internet, the era of mobile Internet is coming. The rapid development of smartphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile intelligent terminals has opened a new era of mobile offices. Similarly, as a product of information technology, the development of printers is also very rapid. Since entering the 21st century, thermal printing technology has been rapidly applied in all walks of life. Compared with the traditional needle and inkjet printing methods, thermal printers, as one of the branches, have many advantages, such as fast speed, low noise, low energy consumption, zero consumables, easy maintenance, easy to carry, etc. Therefore, it has attracted many enterprises to invest in it, and Shenzhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co. It has 100% of its product intellectual property rights and hundreds of intellectual property patents, and a rate of growth of more than ten per year.



What is the operation principle of the thermal printer?

What are the application fields of thermal printers?


What is the operation principle of the thermal printer?

The principle of a thermal printer is to cover a layer of transparent film on light color materials and turn the film into dark color after heating for some time. The image is generated by heating and chemical reaction in the film. This chemical reaction is carried out at a certain temperature, and a high temperature will accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature is lower than 60 ℃, the film takes a long time, even several years, to turn dark. When the temperature is 200 ℃, this reaction will be completed in a few microseconds.

The thermal printer selectively heats the thermal paper at a certain position, resulting in the corresponding graphics. Heating is provided by a small electronic heater on the print head in contact with the thermal material. The heaters are arranged in the form of square points or strips, which are logically controlled by the printer. When driven, a graph corresponding to the heating elements is generated on the thermal paper. The same logic circuit that controls the heating element also controls the paper feed, so that graphics can be printed on the whole label or paper.

The most common thermal printer uses a fixed print head with a heated dot matrix. The print head has 320 square points, each of which is 0.25mm × 0.25mm。 Using this dot matrix, the printer can print points at any position of thermal paper. This technology has been used in paper printers and label printers.


What are the application fields of thermal printers?

The thermal printer can only use special thermal paper. The thermal paper is coated with a coating that will change color due to chemical reaction in case of heat, which is similar to photosensitive film. However, this coating will change color in case of heat. Using this characteristic of thermal coating, thermal printing technology has emerged. Thermal printing technology was first used in fax machines. Its basic principle is to convert the data received by the printer into a dot matrix signal, control the heating of the thermal unit, and heat and develop the thermal coating on the thermal paper. At present, thermal printers have been widely used in POS terminal systems, banking systems, medical instruments, and other fields.


In-depth research on thermal printing technology and the design of thermal printer systems with core technology is of practical value to meet the growing demand for customized printing services. If you are interested in purchasing a thermal printer, consider choosing one of our quality products.


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