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What is the development prospect of the thermal printer?

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Thermal printing technology originated in the 1960s. After more than 50 years of development, it has become one of the mainstream printing technologies. In economically developed countries, thermal printing technology started earlier, its products are widely used and updated quickly, thermal printing technology has been continuously improved. In China, although the technology started late relative to developed countries, through the development of recent years, research and development technology and application-level have been greatly enhanced. Inductive printing technology is widely used in all aspects of society, including a variety of POS sales terminals, gas stations, utilities, hotels, tourism, postal services, etc. Shenzhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of product quality and customer satisfaction over the years and is in the leading position in the self-service equipment industry at home and abroad. Its products are widely used in medical, finance, insurance, telecommunication, transportation, government, public security, convenience terminal, new retail, communication, movie, restaurant, self-service sales, parking, lottery, and other fields.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal printers?

What is the development prospect of the thermal printer?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal printers?

The thermal printer consists of a hardware platform and driver software. According to the functional composition, it is divided into the following functional units: stepping motor, print point data communication, heating unit control, sensor signal unit, cashbox control, communication interface, keyboard, indicator group, word library, nonvolatile data unit, operable external extended data space, reset circuit, power supply circuit, external oscillation, core processing unit, etc.

Compared with needle printers, thermal printing has the advantages of high speed, low noise, clear printing, and convenient use. However, the thermal printer cannot print double copies directly, and the printed documents cannot be saved permanently. If the best thermal paper is used, it can be stored for ten years in a good condition away from light. Needle printing can print double copies, and if you use a good ribbon, the printed documents can be saved for a long time. However, the needle printer has slow printing speed, loud noise, and rough printing handwriting, so the color band needs to be replaced frequently. If you need to print invoices, it is recommended to use needle printing. When printing other documents, it is recommended to use thermal printing.

What is the development prospect of the thermal printer?

Thermal printer is closely related to the application and promotion of commercial POS systems. In the early stage of development, it is mainly used in commercial and retail fields. After entering the 1980s, with the improvement of electronic informatization and automation and the development of bar code recognition technology, the application of thermal printers has rapidly expanded to industrial manufacturing, transportation, modern logistics, commerce, catering, and other industries. It is widely used in various fields of the national economy and people's life, and the market is gradually mature. With the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, the continuous promotion of electronic information management, and the continuous improvement of service levels in all walks of life, the demand for thermal printers is increasing rapidly. In the future, thermal printers will enter a rapid popularization period in China, and the market scale will continue to grow at a high speed.


With the technical development and upgrading of thermal printers, the demand for the use of thermal printers has started to increase in many markets, the largest of which is the market for printers for receipt printing represented by POS machines. Previously, the thermal paper was not recognized as paper for receipts due to issues such as preservation of thermal paper, but now it is recognized as paper for receipts in most countries due to improved preservation and durability by paper manufacturers. Now, prints using thermal paper can be seen all over the world. If you work in a related field, you may consider our high-tech products.




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