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What is panel thermal printer?

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Masung always insists on the principle of product quality and customers’satisfaction in the first place for many years, taking a leading position in the self-service equipment industry at home and abroad. Our products are widely used for a variety of industries, including medical, financial, telecommunications, transportation, government affairs, public security law and other fields. Panel thermal printer is a kind of embedded (disc mounted) print-out device which can be installed on the panel of the chassis of various instruments and instrument computer application devices.

Panel thermal printer

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Brief introduction

Working principle

Advantages and disadvantages

Brief introduction

Panel thermal printersprovide the easiest way to integrate a micro printer into your device. They include a printer mechanism, interface electronics and a convenient housing panel for mounting. Installation requires only one panel switch provided. Panel thermal printers include a choice of thermal or impact printer mechanisms of various paper widths, low power (portable) and high speed fixed mounts. From the smallest sizes to truly portable devices, to ultra-high speed panel printers with automatic cutting machines that approximate the performance of kiosk printers. There are also printers designed to replace traditional equipment with industry standard panel cutting sizes and software emulation.

Working principle

The principle of panel thermal printer is, in light material (usually paper) on a layer of transparent film, the film heated for a period of time into dark (generally black, but also blue). The image is produced by a chemical reaction in the membrane caused by heat. This chemical reaction takes place at a certain temperature. High temperatures will accelerate the chemical reaction. When the temperature is below 60℃, it takes quite a long time, even several years, for the film to become dark. At 200℃, the reaction takes a few microseconds.

The panel thermal printer selectively heats the thermal paper at a certain location, thus producing the corresponding graph. Heating is provided by a small electronic heater on the print head in contact with the heat-sensitive material. The heater is arranged in a form of square dots or bars, which are logically controlled by the printer and, when driven, it produce a graphic corresponding to the heating element on the thermal paper. The same logic circuit that controls the heating element also controls the feed, and thus prints graphics throughout the label or paper.

The advantages and disadvantages

Compared with needle printer, panel thermal printer has the advantages of fast speed, low noise, clear printing and easy to use. But the panel thermal printer can not directly print double, printed documents can not be permanently saved. If the best thermal paper, avoid light in a good state, can be saved for ten years. And needle printer can print double, and if you use a good ribbon, the printed documents can be saved for a long time. But the needle printer printing speed is slow, loud noise, printing handwriting rough, often need to change the ribbon. If the user needs to print invoices, it is recommended to use needle printer, and for other documents, it is recommended to use panel thermal printer.

We have gained wide recognition as a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of panel thermal printers. The panel thermal printers offered are designed using the best quality components and modern technology under the watchful eye of our skilled professionals. Designed for printing folders, envelope labels, we assure our customers that our panel thermal printers have been quality tested on a variety of parameters to meet industry specifications.


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