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What are the technical support of the barcode scanner?

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A barcode is a graphic that records information about data symbols, which are distributed on a plane with a specific geometry and according to a certain pattern. In encoding, barcodes cleverly use the concept of "0" and "1" bitstreams that form the basis of the computer's internal logic. Several geometries corresponding to binary are used to represent alphanumeric information, which is automatically read by image input equipment or photoelectric scanning equipment to realize automatic information processing. 2D barcode has some commonalities of barcode technology, namely, each code system has its specific character set, each character occupies a certain width, has a certain verification function, and so on. At the same time, the barcode also has the function of automatically recognizing the information of different rows and handling the rotation change point of graphics. Shenzhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "dedication, innovation, integrity, and service" and actively creates a unique private enterprise culture atmosphere. It is currently expanding the proportion and scope of intelligent manufacturing based on its representative product, i.e. barcode scanner, and gradually expanding its R&D and sales areas.


What are the technical support of the barcode scanner?

How to determine the resolution of the barcode scanner?


What are the technical support of the barcode scanner?

Common barcode scanners usually use the following four technologies, namely light pen, CCD, laser, and image red light.

The light pen is the first hand-held contact barcode scanner, and it is also the most economical bar code reader. When in use, the operator needs to contact the light pen with the bar code surface and send out a small light spot through the lens of the light pen. When this light spot crosses the bar code from left to right, the light in the white part will be reflected, while the light in the black part will be absorbed. Therefore, a variable voltage is generated inside the light pen, which is used for decoding after amplification and shaping.

CCD is an electronic coupling device, which is more suitable for close-up and contact scanning. The CCD scanner uses one or more LEDs, and the light emitted can cover the whole bar code. The image of the bar code is transmitted to a row of light, sampled by each photodiode, and each bar or space is distinguished by the adjacent detection result of "black" or "white", to determine the character of the bar code.

The laser scanner is relatively expensive among various scanners, but it can provide the highest functional indicators, so it is widely used in various industries. The hand-held laser scanner emits a beam of light through a laser diode and shines on a rotating prism or a swinging mirror. The reflected light shines on the surface of the bar code through the reading window, and the light returns to the reader after being reflected by the bar or empty. It is collected and focused by a mirror and converted into an electrical signal through the photoelectric converter. The signal will be decoded by a scanner or decoding software on the terminal.

Image red light barcode scanner is a barcode reader that can replace laser guns and has excellent code reading performance. The unique image design makes its decoding ability very strong. The bar code can not be read by the general scanner, but the image red light can still be read easily. Its rich data editing function can make the image red light scanner fully cooperate with the user's existing software.


How to determine the resolution of the barcode scanner?

The resolution of the barcode scanner should be determined from three aspects: the optical part, hardware part, and software part. In other words, the resolution of the barcode scanner is equal to the resolution of its optical components plus the resolution obtained by its processing and analysis through hardware and software.

Optical resolution refers to the actual number of light points that can be captured by the optical components of the barcode scanner per square inch. It refers to the physical resolution of the CCD (or other photoelectric devices) of the barcode scanner and the real resolution of the barcode scanner. Its value is obtained by dividing the pixel points that can be captured by the photoelectric element by the maximum horizontal scanning size of the barcode scanner. After computer software and hardware processing, the output image will become more realistic and the resolution will be higher. At present, most barcode scanners sold on the market have the function of software and hardware expansion of resolution. When scanning an image, the higher the scanning resolution is set, the finer the effect of the generated image, the larger the generated image file, but the more interpolation components.


Nowadays, the 2D barcode is widely used. As long as enough user groups are cultivated and combined with a good business model, the 2D barcode will become one of the most powerful tools to connect reality and the virtual. If you have been engaged in barcode scanning-related fields, you may consider choosing our cost-effective products.


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