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What are the characteristics of panel thermal printer?

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ShenZhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd adheres to the fact that technology is the primary productive force and independent innovation is the foundation of enterprise survival. After years of development, the company is a national high-tech enterprise that is dominated by receipt printers and is a diversified product with the theme of technological innovation. Panel thermal printers can be found everywhere, at railway reservations, restaurants, ATMs, credit card swipes, shopping malls. They produce an image by pushing an electric heating needle onto thermal paper, which is cheaper because the resulting image is of lower quality and can be destroyed over time.

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Thermal paper



No cartridges or ribbons are involved, so organizations can save on investment by using thermal printers.

Easier to use because there are fewer buttons and use software involved.

Popular in a noise-free environment and good for the office.

They are cheap and come in a variety of models and sizes.

Monochrome printing is more efficient and faster than other printing forms.

More durable than other printers.


Unlike standard printers, panel thermal printers generally don't print colors very well.

If they become too hot to operate, the ink will consume more and the print may not be accurate.

The print head can be injured by the high heat used when printing, often resulting in repair costs when it breaks down.

Thermal paper

Thermal paper is a special coated paper, its appearance is similar to ordinary white paper. The surface of thermal paper is smooth, which is made up of ordinary paper as a paper base, coated with a layer of thermal color layer, are coated on the surface of ordinary paper, color layer is composed of adhesives, chromogenic agents, colorless dye (or hidden dye), not separated by microcapsules, chemical reaction in the "latent" state. When the thermal paper encounters the hot print head, the chromogenic agent printed by the print head and the colorless dye react chemically and change color, forming a picture and text.


The thermosensitive printing technology was first used in the fax machine. Its basic principle is to convert the data received by the printer into the dot matrix signal to control the heating of the thermosensitive unit and heat and develop the thermosensitive coating on the thermosensitive paper. Panel thermal printer has been widely used in POS terminal systems, banking systems, medical instruments and other fields. Panel thermal printer can only use special thermal paper, thermal paper coated with a layer of heat will produce chemical reaction and color coating, similar to photographic film, but this layer of coating is heat will change color, using the characteristics of thermal coating, thermal printing technology.

A panel thermal printeris one that uses heat to produce images on paper. Due to printing quality, speed, and technological advances, it is increasingly popular for use in the aviation, banking, entertainment, retail, grocery, and healthcare industries. Unlike many other forms of printing, panel thermal printer does not use ink or toner, but relies heavily on thermal paper to produce the image. They are also popular for creating labels because of their fast printing speed.


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