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The perfect movie ticket printer for cinemas

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So you want to sell movie tickets fast and create your own theater? Thermal Receipts are the answer. Whether you want customized thermal tickets or ordinary ones, this desktop or wall-mounted high-value thermal printer from Masung is your safest and most economical choice. You won't need anything more than this amazing thermal printer when it comes to making movie tickets for going to the theater, sporting events, festivals, museums—all these places use thermal receipts.

Looking to buy some printing? We can print premium tickets for you on demand.

  1. Generally, the pin crown of the movie ticket printer is connected to the theater's system, and it can be used the moment it is connected.

  2. This product includes a professional and accurate black mark positioning function, which is a well-positioned printer for Desktop Roll.

  3. This frame is lightweight and can be mounted on a desktop or on the wall, showing off your brand but also enabling easy storage.

  4. The original large gear structure contains 100 kilometers worth of the product's wear-resistance;

  5. This product has an innovative and stylish design, plus it takes up very little space. This is great for people who have a cluttered desk or small office, and you'll find that using it is comfortable, too.

  6. Fewer cables means less hassle and more convenience.

Why Choose Thermal Printing?

Thermal printed documents are often seen as the perfect solution for various print applications in small spaces. If you're searching for a document output process that offers quality and simplicity, this is an option worth taking a closer look at.

Movie tickets have a long wait time and the prices can be very high. You'll be amazed when you find out how easy and cost-effective it is to use thermal tickets for your own movies. These durable, temperature-resistant tickets are perfect for any event or business that needs immediacy, low cost, volume, or high-quality tickets.

Masung Printing Company is a leading manufacturer of printing products. The company offers various types of printing materials, such as magazines and pamphlets, on various topics including general knowledge, spiritual understanding, light books, and horoscopes.

MS-MD80I is ultra high speed and supports resolutions of up to 250mm/s. MS-MD80I helps you create clear and stable printing results perfect for customers. You can choose to set the printer up with RS232 serial port, USB or network ports, or even a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Rated as one of the best printers on the market, MS-MD80I is perfect for movie tickets, theater tickets, sports event tickets, festival passes, museum stickers and more! Masung has custom and universal thermal ticket products in a variety of weights and designs to suit your needs. From mini versions that fit on smart phones all the way up to lengthy lenticular lables for exhibitions, we have what you need for whatever type of ticket printing job you're looking for.


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