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The development of MASUNG Group has won high recognition from overseas customers

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All the following content comes from foreign friends' evaluations of MASUNG Group, orally:

In the past two days, I have seen here about the situation of MASUNG Group’s Intelligent Industrial Park. The progress of the entire Masung Group is impressive. From a simple printer manufacturer we have now grown into an impressive diversified group of companies with different products.

Since our first cooperation with Masung in 2010, we have successively used Masung’s embedded printers, panel embedded printers and other thermal receipt printers suitable for smart self-service terminals, which have solved many problems for us. But in the past few years of cooperation, I thought that MASUNG only had great advantages and potential in the research and development side. In the past, my understanding was that MASUNG's production capacity was only about 100 people, and that it only involved relatively simple R&D, production, and sales.

Comments from foreign friends on MASUNG Group

  Three years after the epidemic, I came to MASUNG again. The changes have been huge. It turns out that my previous perceptions were all wrong. Today I learned that Masung has a self-built "MASUNG Industrial Park" covering an area of 40,000 square meters. From the research and development side, At the production end, the entire chain is very complete. From the design of sheet metal parts to die-casting and stamping, to the independent R&D and design of motherboards, and then to the assembly and production, aging, quality inspection, packaging and shipping of finished products. It’s so perfect, so unexpected, so pleasantly surprising! I am excited! Makes me feel that it is wise to cooperate with Masung!

When I came to Masung and communicated with technical engineers, I realized that MASUNG’s technical strength is quite strong. And Masung Group has a full industrial chain supply and production system, including QR codes, self-service equipment, electronic products, etc. I know that there will be too many products that we can cooperate with Masung in the future.

 In the past, we only had cooperation projects with printers. We mistakenly thought that MASUNG only made printers. This perception was wrong. I came to Masung today. From the reception, to the park tour, to the production line, it felt great! Professional, sincere, service! I am even more convinced that I feel at ease cooperating with MASUNG! I believe that there will be more cooperation opportunities and the birth of products in the future! Finally, I would like to thank MASUNG Group for inviting me to come to China.

Foreign friends look forward to more cooperation opportunities with Masung in the future.

MASUNG Group Intelligent Industrial Park Gate

The development history of MASUNG Group

A corner of the Masung Group product exhibition hall

A corner of the MASUNG Group office

MASUNG Group Report Hall

A corner of the production line of MASUNG Group


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