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The application of MS-FPT302 in self-service payment terminal of gas station

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A wide range of self-service terminal printers are offered by Masung Specialty, including remote industry, commerce, medical care, and mobile applications, including self-service printers, retail printers, label printers, bar code printers, point of sale printers, and mini-printers, including thermal transfer printers and thermal sensitive printers.

self-service payment terminal

MS-FPT302 adopts the front cover for easy installation and maintenance, electronic button for opening paper bin saves space, and the right-angle design shows the atmosphere. In addition to providing customers with speed and durability, Masung also offers several other key functions, including automatic paper cutting and sensor control. Employees at gas stations do not always need the skills to maintain printers.

A customer once told Masung that even when other suppliers' printers are cheaper, we'll keep using Masung printers because the fixed value it provides can easily offset any short-term savings by providing long-term efficiency that will easily offset any short-term savings. In the self-service and new retail industries, Masung has, for example, introduced its front-end output printer.

With fast and efficient on-site printing, Masung printers help self-service payment terminals of self-service gas stations to provide efficient and feasible solutions. As a result, the Masung MS-FPT302 can provide powerful and fast printing in gas station development systems, improving customer service and reducing maintenance requirements.


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