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The MS-2104 of Masung Toka is a self-help development scheme in European Healthy Green Code

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Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to improve. However, at present, the international epidemic continues to spread, and the risk of epidemic re-introduction into China and causing a new round of spread continues to exist. In some places, there are continuous imported related cases, and even a number of clustered epidemics. The task of consolidating the achievements of epidemic prevention and control, and "importing from outside and rebounding from inside" is very arduous. We should fully understand the complicated situation of current epidemic prevention and control, cherish the hard-won results of prevention and control, and constantly consolidate the situation of continuous improvement.

Under the prevention and control of normalized epidemic situation, the whole world should actively build complete measures of comprehensive prevention and control system. MASUNG, as the technical guarantor of health code epidemic prevention, specially launched a series of self-developed new "health code epidemic prevention verification products". The MS-2104 of Masung Toka is a self-help development scheme in European health green code, which identifies the green certification of the European Union digital ID card coid-19, and includes a series of epidemic prevention and control terminal devices such as health code scanning device (MS-2104 health code module). It has fast verification speed and high accuracy, can efficiently screen out abnormal situations, and can scan health codes (local provincial codes/national government platform health codes) by swiping ID cards. Automatically checked health code status, 14-day trip, results and vaccination information, and mobile phone scanning code are no longer necessary items, thus solving outstanding epidemic prevention difficulties such as the inconvenience of the elderly, children and other groups to show their mobile phone health codes.

The two-dimensional code module MS-2104 of Masung Toka supports data analysis such as health code identification and verification (green code, yellow code, red code), face temperature measurement, reading health code, 14-day dynamic travel inspection, etc. It has good demonstration significance, can be promoted nationwide, and is convenient for people to travel under normal prevention and control. Scan health code, temperature and code scanner should be widely used to reduce offline contact and enhance contactless travel.


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