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Shenzhen sales a trip to Huizhou

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The Masung Group's Shenzhen Sales Department inaugurated its "Two Days and One Night Weekend Relaxation" tour in Huizhou on August 27 and 28. More than 20 food culture colleagues arrived in Xunliao Bay, Huizhou, and proceeded to the beach where they had a seafood feast, rode an off-road mountain vehicle, went fishing for a bonfire carnival, and participated in curling.


      The companions are as passionate as the hot sun as they arrive at their destination around noon. They play archery because it is the first option. The arrow is shot precisely within a set distance with the aid of the elastic force of the bow. Concentration, vision, and perseverance are compared. The same manner as this group of Masung individuals insist on the path of autonomous innovation and consistently concentrate their professional efforts in the area of printer QR codes, there is no turning back after the bow is opened.

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      It looks as though you have entered a realm out of a fairy tale as you ride a very awesome off-road mountain bike across the mountains and forests, through their light and shadow. These cheerful and self-assured features, which are especially brilliant, get sunlight through the leaves. Everyone was joyful and reminisced about their younger years, even though some of their companions turned into miniature clay figures. They also tasted soil for the first time.

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     We'll enjoy a barbeque buffet in the evening while strolling along the fine sand beach. We'll drink, skewer, and eat meat while chatting and enjoying the sunset. This is the joy and youthful bloom of our Masung people: we light a bonfire and let free. We join hands in a circle, sing, dance, play games, light fireworks, and gaze at the magnificent starry sky.

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       Everyone sat around, enjoying the sea breeze, and talked about Masung's formative years. It turns out that many of Masung's employees have been with the company for longer than five years. They are overflowing with thanks and appreciation. Every time they develop, they record it in Masung, hug each other, and warm you and I. Nobody returned to the hotel voluntarily until late at night.

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The speedboat explored the island on the second day, went fishing, and reveled in the thrilling feeling of drifting in the sea as the huge sea, sky, and waves crashing against the coast made every tiny friend scream, so cool!

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       Life is not only about the work in front of you, but also the green mountains and waters, and the delicious food on the beach. During our weekend trip to Huizhou, a group of Masung people trusted each other and faced each other with sincerity. They not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, relaxed their body and mind, and relieved the pressure, but also provided a platform for everyone to communicate and exchange. This laid a good foundation for future coordination and cooperation. Are you excited? Welcome to join us!

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