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Remote Printing Solution, Masung Printers’ MS-FPT302 Is Profitable For Self-service Queuing Number

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As more and more people migrate to the "Internet+" era, people's lifestyles have become more intelligent and simple. The marketing service model in this new age will combine traditional industries with the Internet, introducing a new "Internet+" strategy.

Frequently, Internet technology grows too quickly for the abilities of business owners to keep up. As a result, there are new demands for self-service equipment from people who can't find what they need. Such examples include the self-service queuing machine.

The little things matter. Quality self-service equipment requires prints and scans to be efficient and support the diverse printing needs of customers. Masung specializes in providing self-service printers for use in the self-service industry. It is continuously optimized to meet the challenges of printing equipment in the self-service industry, tailored exclusively for your self-service queuing machine.

To provide better service, shorten customer wait times, and simplify the laborious process of queuing, many places have begun investing in self-service queuing machines.

The MS-FPT302 is a special product of the Masung Facial Plate Prin. The new independent innovation research and development capabilities and the accumulation of cases are specialized in order to provide a new printing solution for the self-service equipment industry. The two colors of black and white are available. In addition, the two appearance and shape options of right -angle and rounded corners can be provided. The rounded shape can be applied to the self -service equipment of glass materials to meet customers' needs for different materials. To shorten wait times for customers, MS-FPT302 configures a high-quality print head to meet industry needs for fast printing, and its quality is stable; MS-FPT300 has a small structure, fast installation, strong reliability, printing at high quality etc., which make installation and maintenance more convenient and faster. Easy -to -paper, sliding automatic paper cutting; with paper block detection state; multiple interface selection: supports various printing methods.

The application of self-service queuing machines in the self-service industry is very wide. It's used in government offices, banks, hospitals, and other agencies. It not only helps with order of queuing in public spaces, but also optimizes the work function of enterprise windows. The Masung printer MS-FPT302 provides a stable and efficient printing function for self-service queues.

MS-FPT302 is a new way to operate a convenience service center and make it more efficient.


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