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"Product Innovation Closer to Customer Needs" MS-EP8300 Best Selling

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The recent wave of front-line salesmen going to the factory and helping assemble printers is due to the high-speed thermal printer MS-EP8300 series, which was originally tailored to the needs of users. The MS-EP8300 passed strict inspection to be available on the market; its structure is consistent with demands from customers, function is also perfect as well. As a result intake orders have soared and production capacity has been put to test. We do not expect any out of stock problems now as Changsha and Shenzhen factories are both operating at full capacity for intensive production and shipment.


I asked the sales department of Masung Group and the marketing department of Masung Group why MS-EP8300 is so popular. I even asked the front-line salesmen what industry, environment, how to use, and what functions it can perform.


First of all, the MS-EP8300 series printer, because it offers various models to meet the needs of different customers at different application scenarios and has also been specially tailored accordingly. The user space is relatively narrow, thus making space maintenance difficult. According to these factors and in order to adapt to the small space in more application scenarios, Masung's R&D department developed a compact printing module (MS-EP8300). This module employs a side clamshell design for quicker maintenance with broader applications.


In addition, this MS-EP8300 series printer has a fast printing speed of 300mm/s, which was specially adapted by the R&D department for large supermarkets and to avoid long queues.

The manufacturer of the MS-EP8300 series follows the classic Maison green tone, which is simple and elegant. With "fresh green" as the main exterior color, it highlights a vitality full of hope and the concept of green, environmentally friendly living. This MS-EP8300 was born to solve the troubles users may have with paper jams in printers. It includes features like anti-jamming detection sensors, which should reduce or eliminate printer failures during work. In addition, MS-EP8300 can process intelligently through real-time full sense technologies to ensure that an "unbreakable" printer will become your favorite in 2022!


The MS-EP8300 series is a large volume printing product which can meet the needs of self-service medical industry by supporting the configuration of large paper rolls (150mm in diameter). In terms of performance, this series includes a variety of printing methods such as full-cut printing, half-cut printing, serial port printing and USB printing. And these features fully meet the different needs of printer users while really meet their requirements in all directions. Finally, we recommend that you immediately fall in love with this product - Meisong printer!


MS EP8300 series Printers win for quality and have all the functions you need. No matter what industry you're in, we'll customize a printer that's perfect for you. We know your business inside and out thanks to years of R&D experience, tailor-made services, and the corporate culture of innovation and continuous development.


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