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Masung printer MS-EP5860-BC provides a solution for test tube automatic labeling machine

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In recent years, the biomedical industry has grown quickly. This has led to an increased need for better identification management in scientific research and medical laboratories. There are many samples to be stored, identified, and disposed of correctly in order to ensure data accuracy and reliability. In such an environment, standard items like test tubes, glass slides and other utensils are often used. To accurately differentiate between them, a number of special labels can be beneficial. Masung's self-service label printer MS-EP5860-BC is ideal for resolving this issue.


The MS-EP5860-BC self-service label printer comes with a standard communication interface, meaning it can be used in different communication environments. It boasts a large embedded gear for strong printing and a rapid speed, as well as a side flip print head that makes jam clearance simple. Additionally, it offers both full-cut and half-cut output modes to suit customer requirements, and has a seam sensor function detection to accommodate non-adhesive thermal paper with gaps between prints. What's more, the appearance is small and compact – perfect for embedding into various terminal devices – while secondary development support is provided alongside development materials. This model can hold up to an 80mm paper roll diameter and its paper bin bracket is adjustable.


The label printer is a wise choice for various industries, as it can be managed efficiently, thus helping to reduce costs. It also helps customers track their products' origins. When determining what type of printer to use, you should consider the printing method - either thermal or thermal transfer - and carefully assess your industry's daily printing volume and accuracy requirements. With increasing technological advances in the medical field, more and more hospitals are embracing this intelligent revolution. By introducing technical processes into medical treatments, patients can enjoy improved efficiencies and accuracy with their services. Maison's self-service MS-EP5860-BC label printer offers an even better service for your consumers and enhances workflow efficiency significantly.


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