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Masung printer MS-E80I provides fast service in medical institutions

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Masung wants to make it easier for people who show up to the hospital for medical treatment. They offer an on-site print solution for medical institutions that can not only print wait time notifications but also provide intelligent reporting services. Currently, Masung is looking for a printer that can improve customer service quality, yet be easy to maintain. The MS-E80i meets their needs with its fast and smart printing by queuing machine.

Masung printer MS-E80I

Masung printer MS-E80I can print at a velocity of 200mm/s, is designed with various necessary functions, and durable high-resolution thermal head. This printer is flexible in self-service queuing reporters that has been dealt with by force. Longitudinal stroke rate and cutting speed are going to be adjusted by the printer inside this printer when appropriate data from sensors happens. It does not need maintenance once the changes have been done into the settings. Masung is an expert for printers’ products and founded ten years ago catering for all over Asia continent, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia etc.

The medical queuing reporting machine is equipped with a intelligent display screen and printer. The main function of the machine is to provide patients with an intelligent and efficient medical treatment experience. In addition, it helps hospitals reduce operating costs and provides a quick service for doctors.

Masung offers customized printing and scanning solutions for the entire industry, from industrial to mobile solutions. We provide a wide range of printers, including self-service, retail, new retail, commercial and industrial applications. If you are looking for equipment that allows you to print and scan, please get in touch!


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