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Masung printer MS-E80I assists the queuing machine

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In recent years, as the "run at most once" reform has gradually spread, whether in public places, enterprises, or institutions, the efficiency and service levels of the people have improved comprehensively, and their satisfaction with dealing with affairs has greatly increased.

Careful friends will also find that in recent years, when going to public places to do errands, there are no longer long and crowded queues, but all sit quietly in the hall, holding a sign in front of them. There is a machine called a queueing number machine that takes all the things in line and passes them over to the display screen and voice prompts to queue up. Places like government affairs offices, banks, etc., use it widely, which enables them to work more efficiently and in a more orderly manner.

Today, let's talk about the printer that prints the queuing list from the queuing machine. This is an embedded thermal printer. The thermal printer has the following high-quality features. Thermal printing has no noise and fast printing; usually prints 58mm/ 80mm two widths; automatic paper cutting, optional paper outlet sensor to return control commands to the host; can customize and independently edit and print LOGO logos of various enterprises and industries, and can also configure the black mark function to print black mark paper.

Masung embedded thermal printer MS-E80I is an 80mm panel cover type printer, front maintenance, with electronic lock to open the cover, complete cover, minimalist design, embedded in the terminal equipment to show a high-end atmosphere; the paper bin supports paper The roll diameter is 80 mm and the paper width is 80 mm, which solves the trouble of frequent paper changes; one-button open the cover to load paper and change paper, press the electronic cover open lock, the face cover is automatically opened, and the paper can be loaded and changed easily without opening the cabinet. , simple and convenient; the MS-E80I uses the original Seiko industrial-grade print head, which is wear-resistant, produces fast, stable printing, and is easily adapted to medical self-service terminals.

Masung is a professional manufacturer of embedded thermal printers. A large number of thermal printers and self-service terminal equipment cases have been accumulated and developed, as well as strong research and development technology. The first printer solution supplier; patent software and other certification certificates, obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification; not only has the domestic market, but also forms a domestic and international dual development model, and exports to foreign trade safely. It is a company integrating R&D, sales, production, technology, Suppliers and service providers of after-sales printing and scanning products.

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