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Masung cinema printer MS-MD80I special type movie ticket printing thermal ticket machine

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Since entering the new era, the cinema market has developed rapidly, the number of domestic movies has continued to grow, and the level of creation has improved. It is clear that watching movies has become an integral part of mass cultural life. The box office of movies nationwide last year reached nearly 50 billion yuan.


Movie tickets are the credentials for movie theaters to enter the theater to watch blockbusters, and there are many ways to obtain movie tickets. In most cases, you can buy them by searching for the movie's title. People's buying habits vary. There are online purchases and offline purchases. Movie theaters have self-service ticket machines that sell movie tickets, as well as manual ticket sales. We will examine a special movie ticket printing thermal receipt machine, Masung MS-MD80I, today.

The Masung MS-MD80I Black Label Edition is a desktop roll-type cinema ticket office printer that boasts special features such as professional black mark positioning and front paper printing. The printer is wireless compatible with Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB interfaces. Additionally, it has a high-end shell material, an expeditious internal core system and two options of black or white to place either on a desktop or wall-mounted. In all cinemas, this model will efficiently provide moviegoers the service they need with thermal receipt and ticket issuing. An embodiment of quality and class, it ensures a proper movie ticket service is provided.

The special-purpose printer MS-MD80I used in movie theaters to print movie tickets, the MASUNG brand provides detailed data on movie ticket printers, and provides you with advantageous manufacturer retail prices, high-quality manufacturer sources and corporate brands for movie ticket printers. A cinema ticketing system movie ticket printer like the MS-MD80I is a good choice.

There are many customers and cases in the self-service, retail, and other industries that confirm MASUNG's brand as a supplier of printing and scanning equipment.


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