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Masung Printer MS-BL58 Helps Retail Stores to Print Efficiently

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It is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional printers to meet the rapidly changing needs of the market, as the Internet era develops rapidly. Only digital and intelligent printers will be able to meet these needs and will not be eliminated in the future. The cloud printer MS-BL58 for food delivery cashier receipts launched by MASUNG Co., Ltd. came about in response to the needs of the market, enabling retailers to print cashier receipts efficiently.


The MS-BL58, a Masung desktop POS thermal printer, has been designed with wireless cloud printing which allows it to break free from traditional wired and Bluetooth wireless printing area restrictions. It supports receipts and labels in different industries such as takeaway, catering, retail, tea, clothing and jewelry, combined with WiFi, Bluetooth, cash drawer, parallel interface and USB communication interface design. It comes with two paper cutting methods - cutter and hand tearing - along with an innovative paper output design before opening the cover which doesn't affect its small structure. Additionally, it has wireless remote cloud printing through Internet printing technology meaning there's no distance limitation when it comes to printing; you can control it wherever you are.

thermal desktop receipt printer

This cloud printer system is designed with industrial circuits and components, including a board with peripheral device drivers for a cash drawer, barcode scanning equipment and black mark/seam detection functions. It can connect webpages, H5, APPs, etc., to provide cloud printing solutions in various scenarios such as takeaway food ordering, receipts and remote delivery. The power adapter is wall-plug 12V, compatible with both Android and Windows System and featuring voice broadcast, volume adjustment and timely transmission for rapid problem solving. Various communication interfaces such as Bluetooth, wifi , 4G or USB are available to enable online printing. Moreover, secondary development SDK kits with related demos, instructions and technical support are provided. Thanks to these features it can receive instructions automatically and print quickly without any extra effort.

The MS-BL58 Cash Register Receipt Printer features a unique design, with classic black and white colouring complemented by fresh green and blue accents. It is capable of handling paper rolls up to 80mm in diameter and 0.06 to 0.12mm thick thermal paper, while its easy paper loading structure and convenient replacement make it an ideal choice for high quality text receipt applications that require high speeds.


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