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MASUNG AI fresh food scale punching in Foshan RT-Mart Supermarket

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AI fresh food scales have been piloted in many large fresh food supermarkets and stores. All data show that the data of AI fresh food scales are better than the current ordinary electronic scales in all aspects. In the future, AI fresh food scales may replace ordinary electronic scales and enter the public's sight. MASUNG AI fresh food scale punching in Foshan RT-Mart Supermarket.

AI food scales

So how does the AI fresh food scale realize automatic identification of commodity weighing through AI?

We often weigh and exclude a long time in shopping malls, supermarkets, and vegetable markets. The weighing personnel need to check the serial number of the product to weigh the price of the product, which is easy to cause customers to queue up. The electronic scale for intelligent identification of goods in supermarkets only needs to put the goods on the identification scale, the electronic scale will automatically identify the goods, and the weighing staff will automatically print out the label after clicking, and then check out directly at the cashier. The requirements for weighing personnel are not high, and they can be employed with simple training. Many large supermarkets are already in common use.

Features of AI supermarket smart electronic scale:

1. Automatic identification of commodities: support transparent bagging of fruit and vegetable commodity identification, up to 98%.

2. Weigher mode, customer automatic mode.

3. Visual operation of waterproof capacitive touch screen.

4. Self-customized software: commodity express classification editing, classification display, and temporary modification of prices.

Find products quickly in 5.0.01 seconds and support price, pinyin head, and item number to search for products.

6. Intelligent weighing: automatic identification of goods to achieve machine replacement of labor, improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

There are built-in modes such as product classification, product pictures, voice broadcast, automatic printing, and rapid price change. Say goodbye to traditional numbering, and you can get started quickly.

7. New employees can take up jobs without training, and remote automatic upgrades are supported.

8. Support wired and wireless networks, support all supermarket software on the market, and perform remote real-time management of PLC data.

9. Report function The daily weighing data is automatically saved.

10. Compatible with all supermarket software, it can be directly connected to the cash register, and the label barcode is transmitted to the cash register in real time during sales, no need to scan the code, and can be set to not print.

The combination of barcode scale and AI solves the problem of weighing fresh food in supermarkets. Come and order.


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