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Generally, label printers have two printing methods, thermal label printing and thermal transfer label technology. The label printer independently developed by MASUNG has the characteristics of high-speed printing, low noise, strong reliability, high print quality, large cutting thickness, novel and fashionable structure, etc. It has anti-blocking and anti-pull patented technology, which makes installation and maintenance faster and can be realized. Intelligent printing.

For users who need to print a large number of labels frequently or have special requirements for self-adhesive labels, where a large number of printing and special labels are required in the medical, factory, logistics, and retail industries, we can provide label printing solutions for organizations that need a large number of printed labels , Provide thermal thermal transfer series label printers and other printing automatic peeling printer equipment.

MASUNG printers focus on the application and development of thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. If you have a need for label printing modules, please come to MASUNG for purchase and custom development. We can not only provide products, but also provide high-quality customized development services!


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