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Highly anticipated: Masung MS-EP8300 series printers are on sale

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Since it was released and launched, Masung Group has increased production lines in both Shenzhen and Changsha to ensure normal supply of the MS-EP8300 thermal high-speed printer.

Masung MS-EP8300 series printers

The MS-EP8300 series looks just like its predecessor, but this new printer is better than ever. It features an understated design with a bright green tone and more excellent features. The first thing you'll notice about the MS-EP8300 is the color. With "fresh green" as the main color, it stands out from the crowd and highlights Masung's commitment to environmental protection. This refreshing style matches perfectly with our vision for a low-carbon life that offers us a refreshed sense of energy. Plus, it's hard not to love the new design.The MS-EP8300 high efficiency printing technology is much faster than its predecessor, prints at speeds up to 300mm/s while maintaining high quality. The head clamshell design is easy to maintain, and it has a 100mm-diameter paper roll to reduce the frequency of changing paper rolls.The MS-EP8300 series is equipped with intelligent detection, for a more accurate and user-friendly experience. It also comes with full-cut printing, half-cut printing, serial port printing, and USB printing - allowing you to print the way that you need to. The factory is outfitted with complete testing consumables so you can be satisfied from your first impression. Who doesn't want a printer in their life that exceeds their expectations? Masung printers give you wonderful results!


While there are many different brands out there, Masung printer MS-EP8300 series is our favorite for quality. They've been the industry leader for years because of the strength of their brand and strong association with high-tech. Their printers undergo rigorous and comprehensive tests before even being released to customers, ensuring that everyone's printing experience is perfect and stress-free.

As a representative of the private sector, Masung has the courage to innovate and the enterprise culture of seeking breakthroughs. From the industry segmentation field to now grow into a research and development, production, sales to print two-dimensional code as the innovation direction of the diversified intelligent in a multi-field industrial group company, Masung 16 years, has been seeking product and brand innovation 16 years.


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