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Application cases of Masung printer MS-E80II in the national power grid self-service aircraft

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Today, electricity is a product that cannot be used by people due to the rapid development of the world. The power of electricity is the power of electricity in the Internet era, the digital age, and the low-carbon era. Demand is getting bigger and bigger, and electricity plays an increasingly important role in the development of human history.

In order to facilitate users to handle the payment business, the self -service power payment service terminal meets the user's 24 -hour all -weather service, and realizes the user's self -service payment, printing and identity authentication.

Winning the market for quality, integrity casting the brand! Cooperation with high-quality suppliers is essential for the creation of a self-service power payment machine. Masung is a supplier and service of a self -service levied module and the code scanning collection module. business. The picture below is the application case of Masung printer MS-E80II at the national power grid self-service power payment machine.


This MS-E80II is a manual wrench unlocking. A light press makes it easy to change and maintain the machine, which features a built-in high-quality print head, high printing quality, 12V and 24V power supplies, parallel and USB interfaces, black and white and white color configuration options, self-service electricity payment, and multiple payment methods can be used with this self-service payment machine. Whether it is cash, UnionPay card or mobile payment payment, it provides payment of payment, invoice printing, safe operation, convenient and fast, relieve the counter, alleviate the counter The pressure on handling effectively improves the efficiency of user payment. This kind of self -service service equipment is widely used in the diversion of the payment window of various industries. Project construction of self-service areas and 24 -hour self-service business halls in the fields of telecommunications companies, power supply companies, PetroChina Petrochemical, medical facilities, etc.

Since the establishment of the self -service unmanned embedded printer in 2006, Masung has successfully provided a solution for printing and scanning modules for self -service service terminals in various industries. For the pursuit of self -service machines that are pursuing ultra -thin and limited space, Metong provides customized services to meet your various printing functions and different printing size printers.


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