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Advantages and disadvantages of 80mm thermal printer

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ShenZhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “professionalism, innovation, integrity and service” and actively created a unique private enterprise culture atmosphere. As a Printer Manufacturing enterprise which integrate research and development, production and sales. Also we have 100% intellectual property rights of independent products and 60% of independent products were manufactured by ourselves. An 80mm thermal printer is one that uses heat to produce images on paper. Today, many businesses are using thermal printing for transactions, including airline tickets, banking, entertainment, grocery stores, retail stores and health care. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its graphical capabilities, printing quality, speed and technological advances.

80mm thermal printer

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There are many advantages to using an 80mm thermal printer, such as cost, printing speed, efficiency, printing quality, and mobility. Compared with dot matrix printer, 80mm thermal printer has characteristics of fast printing, low noise, clear print and easy to use. However, 80mm thermal printers cannot print duplex directly. A printed document cannot be stored permanently. With the best thermal paper, it can be stored for ten years in good light.

Increase printing speed. 80mm thermal printers print much faster than other printers.

produce images, eliminating ribbons or cartridges in the process. The only consumable of printing is the thermal paper itself. Organizations benefit from this technology because it is cost-effective and it is a reliable option.

Reduce maintenance costs. 80mm thermal printers contain fewer moving parts than impact printers, which in turn makes them more durable and reliable.

Improved print quality. 80mm thermal printerscreate higher quality, longer-lasting images than impact printers. They don't need capacity ribbons, so they're more compact

Add printing function. Because 80mm thermal printers contain fewer moving parts and have no consumables other than paper, employees can use them continuously with less interference.

Faster and quieter. Using an 80mm thermal printer can print labels quickly and leave a lasting impression on the customers it serves.

Resistance to save. Thermal printing shows that it can withstand weather, it can last a long time even at extreme temperatures.


Labels should not be exposed to sunlight or high temperatures for long periods of time. Leave a gas station receipt on the dashboard and you'll see it fade from exposure. These receipts use a similar direct heat technique. Even without sunlight, labels fade over a long period of time. Direct heating is not the best option for label boxes that have been in stock for years.

Printing will be slow.

Depending on the market environment, the cost of direct thermal labels may be slightly higher than that of thermal transfer labels with ribbons.

If the acrylic tape is attached to a direct thermal label, the label may fade.

This printer costs more to buy and is more limited in how you can use it (format, print size), but if you use it to make money (I mean working in a field rather than printing money), it's great; Bring in considerable income. Put everything together and distribute what you produce.

The 80mm thermal printer is lightweight and easy to carry, which is easy to use and operate. At the same time, it is not taking up too much space at home or in the office. Overall, the advantages of an 80mm thermal printer outweigh the disadvantages.


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