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A brief introduction to 80mm thermal printer

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ShenZhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2006, adhering to the fact that technology is the primary productive force and independent innovation is the foundation of enterprise survival. After years of development, our company is a national high-tech enterprise that is dominated by receipt printers and is a diversified product with the theme of technological innovation. The 80mm thermal printer refers to the thermal printer that mainly uses the printing amplitude of 80mm thermal paper. In general, an 80mm thermal printer is also compatible with 58mm thermal paper.

80mm thermal printer

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The purposes and functions of 80mm thermal printer

Differences between 80mm thermal printer and 58mm thermal printer


Thermal printers can be divided into Thermal Line Dot System and Thermal Serial Dot System according to the arrangement of their Thermal elements. Column thermal sensitivity is an early product, mainly used in some occasions that printing speed requirements are not high. Line-type thermistor is a 1990s technology, and its printing speed is much faster than line-type thermistor, the fastest speed has reached 230mm/ SEC. In order to realize high speed thermal printing, in addition to selecting high speed thermal printing head, there must be corresponding control board with it


The thermosensitive printing technology was first used in the fax machine. Its basic principle is to convert the data received by the printer into the dot matrix signal to control the heating of the thermosensitive unit and heat and develop the thermosensitive coating on the thermosensitive paper. 80mm thermal printer has been widely used in POS terminal systems, banking systems, medical instruments and other fields.

The purposes and functions of 80mm thermal printer

l Print photos. Photos give us feelings that words cannot replace. Use a thermal printer to print some nostalgic photos, to recall youth, keep moving and aftertaste life.

l Print doodles/stick figures/pictures/memes/work notes/shopping lists. These fun notes can add a lot of color to your life and help you with your work.

l Automatically receive and print orders from takeaway platform. It is necessary to turn on the automatic order receiving switch in the merchant background. When a customer places an order on the takeout platform, the printer will automatically print the order receipt.

l For secondary development. Provide developers to connect their own systems, such as small programs, Wechat secondary development, takeout platform, scan code ordering system and so on.

Differences between 80mm thermal printer and 58mm thermal printer

l The width of thermal paper is different. That is to say, the specifications of printer supplies are not the same. 58 and 80 represent the paper output width of the thermal printer respectively. In terms of the thermal printer appearance, the size of the 80mm thermal printer is slightly larger than the 58mm thermal printer.

l Thermal printer equipment cost price is not the same. The price of 58mm thermal printer and 80mm thermal printeron the market are not the same. In general, 80mm thermal printers are more expensive than 58mm thermal printers.

l The thermal paper used is different. 58mm thermal printers can only use 58mm thermal paper, while 80mm thermal printers are mostly compatible with 58mm and 80mm thermal paper.

The 80mm thermal printerdoes not need to add ink, only relies on the heating element of the print head to print patterns. Thermal printers can only print black patterns. Thermal paper costs very little, and 80mm and 58mm are the most common in thermal printers.


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