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industrial oem 80mm Thermal transfer label printer

MASUNG self-developed thermal label self-adhesive printer MS-NP80A
1. The paper roll holder/spindle can be installed in various ways, and the rear end of the printer can be rotated 180° up and down to install
2. High-speed thermal printing (250mm/s(max))
3. Barcode printing function
4. With the detection status of paper pulling and paper jamming device
5. Paper outlet nozzle with lighting baffle
6. Various sensors assist control
7. MS-NP80A is a thermal self-adhesive label printer that supports thermal paper roll printing with a paper width of 60/80/82.5mm
8. It has the characteristics of high-speed printing, low noise, strong reliability, high printing quality, large cutting paper thickness, novel and fashionable structure and so on.
9. Equipped with a special plastic paper outlet, equipped with an anti-blocking and anti-pull patented paper outlet, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient and quick, and realizes intelligent printing.
10. The thermal paper holder can rotate 180° up and down around the printer for high-speed printing
11. Support label printing, black label printing and thermal paper printing, equipped with patented anti-blocking and anti-pulling paper nozzles, reducing the problem of unsmooth paper output, improving user experience and reducing maintenance costs.
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