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how self-service printer works?

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Make it easy for end users to find and install their own printers without calling the IT Service desk. The Self Service Printer Installation Portal detects their location and shows them available printers on a floor plan map or list. Use floor plan maps to show available printers Portal detects user location based on subnet range User installs printers with a single click To order printing services online, you'll first need to set up an account and include personal and business information. If you plan on getting your order delivered, you'll also have to include payment information such as your credit card number. Not everyone wants to share this information online, so spend time considering your options and do your due diligence before placing any orders. Your online account is where you'll be able to update the images, icons and text to include in your customized printing projects. One big benefit of self-service custom printing is that all of your multimedia files are collected and saved in your online account for easy access.


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